Your Guide to Preparing for a Cruise Ship Voyage

by Lindelwa Laz

It is never a good idea to put off travel preparations until the week before your trip, instead, you should start as soon as you book your trip and the type you’ve booked is vital to preparation. A large number of cruise ships sail international waters and in addition, there are many that stop at international ports. Before you can board, you may need to present identification and on international cruises this identification often includes a passport, as well as a driver’s license.

Unfortunately, when it comes to obtaining a passport, there are many individuals wait for the last minute and even though last minute passports can be acquired during emergencies most of the time you’ll need at least a week to complete the process. you won’t just be given a passport, but you can apply for one and even though most people that apply for a passport are supplied with one planning ahead is still a good idea. That way if there is a mistake on the information you submitted you’ll have time then you can repair any mistakes before it’s time to set sail.

The passport and license aren’t the only documentation that you should board with. If you are covered under a health insurance plan, you are encouraged to take your cards. In the event you fall ill while on vacation, your insurance cards will allow you to get treatment.

In addition to insurance cards it’s recommended that you take your meds along, actually, you should think about taking extra medication with you. Many physicians will write extra prescriptions for their patients that are traveling on a cruise ship so if your medication is lost or taken the extra meds can last you until your ship returns home. While requesting extra medication from your doctor you may want to question them about the safety precautions you should take on a ship.

To pay for onboard and port activities, you’ll need to take extra money. Taking a vacation on a cruise ship is exactly like taking a vacation anywhere else so you’re advised to avoid carrying a lot of cash. If you must take cash along, you are advised to split your money and place it in different locations although almost all cruise ships and popular ports accept credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks which are acceptable alternatives to carrying cash.

When taking a cruise you are advised to make a copy of the vessels itinerary to your friends and family members which will make it possible for you to be found in case of emergency. When registering for a cruise ship, you might also need to give the contact information for a person that can be contacted in the event of an emergency. Your initial thought might be to provide the information on your spouse, children, or a close friend but if you do so you should ensure that they will be on land and easily accessible.

When you’ve made the preparations mentioned you can then focus on alternate preparations such as packing your luggage but remember when you pack you are urged to keep the climate of your selected cruise in mind. Additionally always be ready for unexpected weather and making the proper preparations to make sure your vacation will be a success.

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