Why to Go on an Alaska Cruising Holiday

by Arthur K. Santos

Going on an Alaskan cruise trip is an experience you will never forget. Perhaps you have talked with relatives or good friends who have already taken cruises in Alaska; if so, the likelihood is they simply had an unforgettable time.

So just what is it that makes a cruise in Alaska such a singular and unique vacation? For one thing, the views you’ll see in the Inside Passage are astounding.

The glaciers are extraordinary, huge rivers of ice that ceaselessly break off into enormous chunks, which plunge into the waters below. Then there are the astounding mountain ranges, which range up to twenty thousand feet, some inside just miles of the shore, making for a really impressive sight.

Of course, what brings many folks to Alaska is the simply abounding wildlife. From Kodiaks and Polar bears grizzly bears and black bears, Alaska has a wonderful variety of wildlife.

Now, the chances are you will not be viewing an polar bears on your particular Alaska cruise vacation (unless you add on a pre- or post-cruise tour to the Arctic Circle), but there is a great chance you’ll see bald eagles and grizzlies, particularly if you are taking one of literally countless available shore excursions.

However the very top feature of an Inside Passage Cruise is the top-notch variety of port trips that are offered when you are stopped at the various small cities on your itinerary. You can do everything from riding a dog sled on top of glaciers to rafting down glacier-fed streams.

For a more calming shore trip, you can take expeditions into a preserve for bald eagles or partake in a amazing train ride into Yukon Gold Rush country. The options are virtually limitless and range between cheap and quite costly.

There are actually tons of reasons a voyage to Alaska is the holiday you’ll quite simply never forget. No matter what cruise you select, you are certain to have an incredibly memorable time.

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