Why A Cruise Vacation In Winter Is Value For Money!

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Dean Caporella asked:

One of the best ways to escape a harsh northern winter is a cruise vacation.

Winter time may not engineer thoughts of beautiful sunny days and warm tropical nights; or maybe it does in one’s mind and in recent years, cruise trips have become the ideal alternative for people looking for some respite from the cold.

For people living in Europe and North America heading towards the end of summer, preparation should really begin now. It might be easy to get caught up in the fact the weather is still currently warm but with just over three months to winter, the cooler weather will be upon us quickly.

Best Cruise Vacation Options

It’s no secret cruise lines go through a transitional period during the fall and make plans to move their huge ships to warmer waters. While the mediterranian is popular during summer, Europeans are on the lookout for warmer climates and did you know this is an ideal time to take advantage of extended trips.

In fact, during this transitional phase, cruise vacations can extend up to 1-2 months as the ships head to their fall/winter locations. For Europeans, destinations in the Caribbean and South America are on offer but you’ll need to check with your travel agents on pricing.

Are there any disadvantages with these transitional cruises. To be honest, if you don’t like spending too long at sea then they may not be an ideal holiday alternative as port stops are few and far between.

For those who enjoy the water and like the idea of spending several weeks on a cruise ship, then they are an excellent opportunity for an extended holiday break.

Getting Great Cruise Deals

North Americans have the option of utilizing the many deals on offer to places such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

It wasn’t too long ago when cruise vacations were restricted to those with deeper pockets but with the advent of new and bigger ships on the water, pricing has come down making these holidays affordable to the masses.

One of the reasons the period from November to the end of the year is a good time to cruise is most people will in in festivities mode and more than likely not thinking about travelling away during this festive period.

For savvy cruise bargain hunters, it’s an ideal time to shop for a vacation because it almost becomes a buyer’s market.

It’s often suggested to avoid booking directly with cruise lines however, for an outline of what’s available, they are an excellent source obviously for the information you’re after.

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