What to do in my Cuba Holidays

by Jose M. Garces

Never have Cuba holidays been so popular among holiday makers until recent years, especially after its government opened its doors to tourism and foreign investment. For some this amazing Caribbean island is a must in the agenda of most interesting places in the world.

Cuba is the largest of the Antilles and offers a wide variety of holidays. If you are looking for just relaxation on a beach resort or get to know the island by joining an escorted tour Cuba certainly does not lack options

Varadero has to be the most favourite beach area among tourists. Located only 2 hours drive from Havana it is ideal for those looking to spend few days in the beach and also enjoy the squares and bars of Havana?s beautiful Old Town.

Interested in Nature? Well then you have to explore the mountains, valleys and rivers of Cuba. Pinar del Rio area, Escambray Mountain and Sierra Maestra are the richest in terms of natural attributes.

Trinidad de Cuba one of the most charming colonial villages in Cuba dates back from the 17th Century. Today Trinidad is considered a World Heritage Site definitely worth visiting.

Havana has to be my favourite place. Not only was I born in Havana and know it quite well, I can say with confidence that I have walked every corner of this amazing City. You have to visit Havana if you really want to feel you have been to Cuba. I particularly recommend the Old Town area to stay and the night clubs of Vedado neighborhood.

You can combine as many places as your time and budget allows. Bear in mind that traveling around the island will increase the cost of your holidays since you will have to afford the transportation which is mainly by taxis and in some cases you could spend up to 6 hours on the road.

Cuba has accumulated in the last 4 centuries a wealth of history and character. Especially in the last 50 years after the triumph of Castro?s revolution in 1959. Some consider it all might change soon so my advice is to start planning your holidays sooner rather than later.

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