Visit Alaska For A Wild Frontier Vacation

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If you’re one of those to whom all the world is a sea and can afford to indulge the lust for travel, a cruise to remote shores is the answer to your quest for adventure. The most untouched and unspoilt part of America is Alaska and the sheer power of its virgin beauty would make a voyage to any other place pale in comparison. Further, Alaska offers unrivalled opportunities for the seasoned angler and is definitely the destination for those with any serious interest in the sport.

The best time to travel to Alaska is from May to September, when the weather conditions are more favorable. But those who opt to travel slightly outside the tourist season as it were would find it a better time from the economical viewpoint.

One of the principal destinations of any cruise to Alaska is Glacier Bay. As your ship gently maneuvers itself through a sea of floating icebergs, you can catch sight of frolicking seals or a humpback whale or maybe some Dall sheep or polar bear on the shores. The view of the glaciers and the scenery can leave one spellbound. From the chilling waters of the Glacier Bay, you could go to the Misty Fjords. From the ship, you could gaze at the lofty mountains covered with tall trees and hiding sparkling waterfalls in their folds. For those wishing to venture further, a floatplane allows you to travel to a remote lake in the wilderness. Along the cruise, you could stop at Alaska’s many ports like the Juneau, Anchorage and Ketchikan. A visit to Sitka in Alaska, provides a valuable insight into the lives and homes of the original inhabitants of this beautiful land.

Cruising in Alaska is a dream come true for those into the sport of fishing. Ports like Anchorage, Seward, Ketchikan and Juneau offer sport-fishing excursions. The catch you net could be anything from halibut, salmon, trout, char, pike or any other species. In fact, many go to Alaska only for the fish. There’s always the thrill for the fisherman that he might just catch a king salmon, maybe even a 50-pounder! There are numerous lodges all over Alaska where you can go and park yourself if you want that big catch. Besides, there are also guides who will not only take you to the best spots but will also give you tips on how to better your fishing skills. In a cruise, the excursions are conducted from the ports of call. For those not inclined to fishing, there’s always so much else to so in and around these ports.

A cruise to Alaska allows you to view nature at its wildest and most dramatic. It is arctic beauty at its very best. It gives you a rare opportunity to commune with your innermost self and learn about the original inhabitants of this awesome place. Besides all this, it is a great opportunity for those who are into ‘serious’ fishing. Thus, for a cruise quite unlike any other, sail away to Alaska.

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