Travel Expert Questions And Answers Phase I

by Chris Linch

Question 1:

I have been wanting to take a family retreat, but I am on a harsh budget, what do you suggest we do to get away, but save cash?

Answer 1:

Well there are a variety of things you can do. Try booking a hotel that has a kitchen in the room so that you can cook there, save money on eating out. You can also go to less classy destinations. Try a theme park like Six Flags or Branson Missouris Silver Dollar City as opposed to the more pricey Disney World. Travel by car, if doable. Honest, best resolution, rough it and go camping. Take a camping road trip, you can stay in many cities for the price of a tent and a plot fee.

Question 2:

I have been thinking about booking a flight for my holiday, but the prices keep dropping when is the best time to book?

Answer 2:

Normally the greatest time to book flights is prior to Memorial Day, but the good news in 2009 is that you can really still save a lot of funds if you book before the end of July. It appears that on or about August 1, we are going to start seeing increases in airfare as buyer confidence rises therefore raising fuel prices. Simple answer the sooner the better, prices have bottomed.

Question 3:

There are so many travel sites out there offering the best deal, but they all seem comparable, who is the best to book with?

Answer 3:

The one that offers the low price guarantee. Thats right, it doesnt matter, you can book with any of them if they offer low price assurance. Then if you do find a lower rate you can ask them to match it. A word of warning though, watch the fine print. Some only offer this for the first 24 hours. The best I have seen, and the one we offer at our site, will match the rate up until the cancellation deadline. These are the best sites to book with because you can be confident you will get the lowest rate.

Question 4:

I booked a non refundable reservation, but my plans have changed, how do I cancel it?

Answer 4:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most properties are very stern on these when it comes to hotels, and airlines have no exceptions. If you are talking about a hotel the best you are going to be able to do is possibly reschedule. Some hotels will let you move the dates, very few will give you your money back. As for airlines, you are going to be out their change fee, but you get a credit for the amount of the flight minus the change fee for upcoming travel. If you want my advice, change your plans back.

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