Top Popular Destinations To Travel In China

[I:] As a vast and extraordinary country spanning thousands of miles from the deserts in the west to the ocean on the east, time-honored history and brilliant civilization, China has numerous historical and cultural relics over 5,000 years, many beautiful mountains and rivers, old and rich cities sending an air of mystery. Nowadays, what are the top popular destinations by tourists from all over the world to explore? Has traveling in China for months, I hope this article will be helpful for you to make a reasonable decision before your China trip.

1. Beijing As the capital city of China, the one of the six ancient capital cities in Chinese history, Beijing has many of China’s most famous historical sites. It is China’s cultural mecca, full of ancient sights, great shopping and delicious food. Here are my favorites: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, the Great Wall, Ming Tomb, Tiananmen Square, Lama Temple, Hohai, Liulichang, Beijing Duck. I recommend you to eat Beijing Duck, and the Great Wall is never miss place to see.

2. Xian Xi’an, is the capital of Shaanxi, once the cultural and political capital of China for thirteen dynasties such as Tang over 1000 years. It is well noted for historical value, and the biggest tourist draw is, of course, the Army of the Terracotta Warriors, but the city itself is an interesting destination to visit Huaqing Hotspring, City Wall, Big Goose Pagoda, Forest of Stone Steles Museum etc.

3. Shanghai Being the largest metropolitan area in China, Shanghai is the modern city just like NY, or , London. There is a tip for visitors who take international flights here, because there are 2 airport in Shanghai. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is for international passengers while Hongqiao for domestic travellers. Most of favorite place to recommend are Shanghai Bund, Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, which are the traditional Chinese style.

4. Guilin Lying by the banks of the Li River, Guilin has become famous both at home and abroad for its intriguing natural views: green hills, featuring rockeries, clean water, unique caves, stones of many shapes. The many ethnic minorities inhabit here. I love Guilin very much, especially the Li River, The Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Solitary Beauty Hill, Longji Terraced Field.

5. Lijiang Yunnan Listed as UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage, Lijiang is located in Yunnan Province of south China. It is an ancient town with the history of more than 1,300 years. Lijiang is inhabited by Naxi people, local people for a long history. It lies on a plateau at 2,600m above sea level. Lijiang is well noted for its natural scenery, fresh air and green vegetation. Its Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the nearst snow moutains close to the living place in the world. The old town mixes naturally with the natural scenery. The local Naxi people have developed a culture called “Dong Ba Culture”. Classical Naxi music is regarded as the “living musical fossil” due to its long history.

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