Tired of Ocean Cruises? Opt For a Rhine River Cruise Instead!

A Rhine river cruise is one of the best ways to see some of the hidden delights that this beautiful stretch of water has to offer. The Rhine runs all the way from the Alps to the North Sea and provides many great sights and sounds along the way. The advantage of European river boat cruises is that they give you a taste of the life of the residents of different countries, something that a sea cruise cannot directly do.

Generally the Rhine river cruise ships are smaller than ocean liners so that they can navigate the smaller waterways and canals. The usually carry an average of 200 passengers but are as comfortable and luxurious as the larger cruise ships.

You will find that the cabins on riverboats and barges have many facilities that the larger vessels have. Indeed, they may offer showers and telephones in the cabins as well as on board facilities including gymnasiums, saunas and hairdressers.

For those who don’t like the thought of staring at endless miles of ocean, a River Rhine cruise is the perfect answer. The boat travels past interesting villages, forests and many internationally important cities. You can spot famous landmarks, or simply admire the passing castles, vineyards and wildlife as the boat speeds along.

Having said this river boats do not whizz past all of the beauty spots and take you on a whirlwind tour. They are faster than the average canal boat but are still able to travel at a slower pace than a cruise ship in the ocean. It is safe to say that you will not miss any of the scenery whilst on European river boat cruises.

In league with ocean cruises, European river boat cruises still provide the opportunities to explore the interior of visited countries. You can leave the boat once it docks and are free to explore all of the attractions and landmarks of various villages, towns and cities. You could be stopped at a historic village such as Cochem one day and then head for the tourist hotspot of Cologne the next.

Finding and booking a cruise of this type is very quick and simple. There are many organizations that have websites with full details of what you can expect on their European river boat cruises. Most companies will let you book online; it is recommended that you mention any medical requirements or dietary issues whilst making your booking. You will also be required to provide details of members of your group and insurance details.

Taking a Rhine river cruise is an ideal option for all types of travelers and is something completely unique. If you are looking for an alternative to sea cruises then this is most definitely a wonderful option.

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