The Best Timeshare Companies Can’t Touch This!

You’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation, having used your timeshare for the first time. You bought it from one of the best timeshare companies, paying thousands of dollars, but it was worth it-everyone had a great time, the weather was beautiful and the place was fantastic! Well, okay, you really would have liked to have gone to Hawaii instead of Florida, but it wasn’t available. And it would have been nicer to have 2 bedrooms instead of just one, as it was kind of crowded.

But the sales advisor emphasized that because this was one of the best timeshare companies, you be able to trade it easily and it was pretty much guaranteed that you could go anywhere, whenever you want anytime. So, maybe next time your dream vacation will be exactly the way you want it to be.

If you are into timesharing, don’t get your hopes up. This scene has been repeated many, many times within timeshare companies-Hilton, Disney, Marriot, Wyndham, Hyatt, and others. The list goes on and on. Most of them ask you for thousands of dollars to buy their properties, and then exorbitant maintenance fees every year for upkeep. They make lots of promises, but the properties that everyone wants to go to are usually very difficult to trade into.

There is now a better way to get where you want to go. Welcome to the world of vacation clubs, made for travelers like you who are tired of extreme travel costs and poor availability and accommodations. Be a part of a club that has no annual maintenance fees-just a once only reasonable, low-cost membership fee.

Vacation club members, can enjoy exotic destinations and stay in 4 and 5-star resorts. You have access to 2 million resorts every year, so availability is no problem at all. Hotels and cruises are also available to club members, and there are no blackout dates! Are you looking for accommodations for a larger family? A vacation club customer service advisor will help you with that, and any other special needs you might have.

Even the best timeshare companies don’t offer this kind of value! Start enjoying the kind of vacations you really want with a vacation club.

You might have been considering making a purchase from one of the best timeshare companies but before you do make sure you do your homework and take a closer look into vacation clubs!