The Awesome Jade Dragon Mountain

Last weekend I went to Lijiang, the most beautiful cities in Yunnan of China, and what impressed me most is the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It has attracted the attention of many scholars and travelers. Early in 1837, the French writer Bacier introduced Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in his acclaimed book entitled ” Universe “.[I:]

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, (Yulong Xueshan or maybe the Jade Dragon Mountains) is a mountain massif near Lijiang, the tallest mountain in Yunnan province of southwestern China. Because of the frequently storms, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has been protected the glaciers and silver-gray rocks and eternal snowfields of her five primary peaks.With its base 30 kilometers northwest of Lijiang City, this magnificent snow-capped mountain sprawls 35 kilometers from north to south. It is a massif, separated from surrounding mountains by movements of the earths crust and steep resultant V-shaped valleys like Tiger Leaping Gorge, or could also be defined as a small mountain range.

About half of China’s plant species originated in Yunnan province, and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is home to about half of these, including trees, flowers, and medicinal herbs and plants. The mountain’s many ravines, creeks, cliffs, and meadows all have Naxi names and provide settings for the myths and legends of the people who have made the plain their homeland for 1,000 years.

Still heavily forested, the mountain bursts into bloom every spring with camellias, rhododendrons, and azaleas. Herders take their cattle, goats, sheep, and yaks to graze on its slopes. It is a sanctuary to animals that know not the scent of man and a flower kingdom that was old when the Gardens of Babylon were new. There are, it is said, more than 50 species of azalea, 60 kinds of primroses, eight species of poppies and 20 lilies, four species of peonies, five camellia, 50 species of rough gentian, and six kinds of flowering crabapple. From April to June the azaleas turn the mountain into a riot of brilliant color. And in autumn blue rough gentian flowers cover her marshlands. She is decorated with blooming flowers 10 months of the year.

From our drop off point, it was a 1km to the peak – well a peak of sorts, as there were still peaks higher than us. Considering the altitude, it was surprisingly easy to make the climb. At one point, a colleague and I even decided to run a bit, just to show our extreme toughness .Sadly, the climb wasn’t easy for everybody – a number of poor asthmatics sucked bottle upon bottle of oxygen before finally deciding to turn back. The peak was moderately awe inspiring. However, you really couldn’t get a feel for the height (4700m) as all the other peaks about were also similar heights. Thus, you could have been at 1000m and still felt the same.

As Lijiang has known as the Ancient City for tourists who travel to China, I think the Mt. Yulong, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the origin of the beauty.

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