Are There Any Great Florida Yacht Charters and Bodrum Charter Cruises

If you fancy a different type of vacation this year then why not try a yachting holiday. You can go on a charter luxury cruise to countries like France, Spain and Turkey. In the last few years yachting and sailing holidays have grown in popularity and many people enjoy the luxury of being chartered around […]

Sailing To Cnidus, The Star Of Dorian Hexapolis

If you are looking for a unique yachting holiday or vacation, you should try a sailing voyage to ancient city of Cnidus in Turkey. Cnidus is an ancient site in Turkey that is being closely studied by archaeologists and historians. Ramazan Ozgan, the archaeology professor of Konya Selcuk University in Turkey, who has been presiding […]

Looking for a Yacht Charter That Will Allow you to Enjoy the Time at Sea

There are many different ways that a person can go on a holiday. A yacht charter can help to provide you with lots of different options if you don’t have access to a yacht. You will find lots of different yacht charters on the internet, in yachting magazines and even in the yellow pages. As […]

Figuring Out Yachting Equipment

Equipment to Ensure Smooth Sailing A yacht is a sophisticated vessel and requires a large amount of equipment to function. While many of things come standard on any size yacht, some may need to be brought along with you or checked that they are indeed already in place. Registration Papers and all documentation pertaining to […]