Adventure Sailing is More Fun When You Own the Yacht

You can charter adventure sailing vacation to almost any destination in the world. The only problem is that it will cost you a lump sum paying for the crew, the meals and the fuel for the trip. You can probably save money on a sailing vacation when you own the yacht but only if you […]

Malta – Great For A Sailing Holiday

Malta, Gozo and Comino are the three largest islands and are located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. The Maltese archipelago is right at the centre of the ancient sea and all ships, migrations and invasions passed by its coasts which today offer marvelous scenery and good shelters to those that […]

The Netherlands – Great For A Sailing Charter

Most boating is found in the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Frisian Islands, an area of sand dunes, systems of channels and nice ports. There are lots of yachts available here and you can visit the many historic and beautiful seaport towns. The European country of Netherlands is mainly composed of several rivers. You have three […]

The Perfect Caribbean Sailing Vacation

Have a summer vacation on mind that promises excitement, challenge & exploration? Try going on a Caribbean sailing vacation to have an exhilarating experience sailing the seas of the Caribbean. This kind of adventure trip not only rejuvenates your body and spirits but also appeals to the explorer in you. So pack your bags and […]

Experience Paradise On Earth With A Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

There’s no doubt that beaches make for some of the hottest and most exotic holiday destinations on the planet. And no matter how popular or how packed they are with tourists, one can always find them enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. However, there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy a beach in its unadulterated, uncluttered, pristine, natural beauty. And just when you think there are no such beaches left, you can go on a Virgin Islands yacht charter.