Our days In Beijing

My last few days in Xinjiang passed pretty quickly. I visited a few temples around the city, ate at the nicer restaurants and generally lazed about until it was time to leave. The next day I got up early to catch the train to Beijing.

Mei Jia Wu Longjing Tea Culture Village

Not too many cities deserve such a name as paradise on earth, but Hang Zhou in China does. Too many cities now in China, desperate with economic development, are losing their souls, but Hang Zhou is not. Why so? Nature blessing and human efforts are the answers. One is tea culture, Mei Jia Wu Longjing Tea and its culture village.

Three Gorges Dam Cruise Tour

As there was a long weekend at the beginning of May for Labor Day in China, so we decided to go on another China vacation to go the Three Gorges Dam. The dam itself is one of Chinas most expansive undertakings, which is located in Yichang set to become the worlds largest hydro-electric power station, along the Yangtze River. Construction began in December of 1994 and it is not expected to be fully operational until 2011. While there are many benefits to the dam, such as flood control and clean power, it has also been a controversial project because the flooding of the reservoir has already displaced approximately 1.4 million people and submerged many cultural relics. The water wont reach its maximum level of 175m until the end of 2008.

Is The Great Wall Of China Visible From Space?

Even the game, Trivial Pursuit claims that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible by NASA astronauts from space or from the moon with the naked eye. It’s a space urban legend. While many man-made objects are visible, the Great Wall of China generally isn’t, at least to the unaided eye in low Earth orbit. It certainly isn’t visible from the Moon.

The Potala Palace In Lhasa

We wake up to our third day in this amazing city, Lhasa. We both got to sleep in from our night of singing and partying at Music Bar, and push ourselves to stumble over for breakfast at 9:30am! The whole group eventually lumbers in, groggy but happy, we laugh about last nights fun and eat a Chinese breakfast. There are fruit and snacks stands right outside our hotel so we pick some up, and water, lots of water our guide reminds us. Then all twenty-two of us hop on a bus and drive the fifteen minute drive to the most recognizable landmark in Lhasa, and all of Tibet, the Potala Palace.