Five Star World Cruises of Your Dreams

You have probably heard the term five star world cruises but not realized that it actually is the branded name for a group of cruises offered by Amercian Express. These cruises are the penultimate in world travel and they cater to those fortunate individuals who have the free time and the money to simply sail […]

Five Star World Cruise Cuisine

One of the best aspects of any five star world cruises is going to be the food. In fact some of the best and most interesting cuisines are served up on these cruises. You can even go on five star world cruise vacations where the point is simply to explore the world and learn how […]

Discovering Venice, Italy!

Sarah Martin asked: Transportation around Venice is simple due to the countless types of water transportation available. Depending on a traveler’s budget, they can select a more upscale ride on a gondola or private taxi, or save money and take advantage of the “vaporetti” (public water buses). Many tourists in Venice prefer the vaporetti due […]

American Express World Cruise For Weddings

Sarah Martin asked: American express world cruises are perfect for weddings. You can take a cruise ship to an exotic destination where you will finally tie the knot or you can simply get married on the cruise ship while it is floating out in the open sea. Another option is to have the marriage on […]

Tasting Unique Cuisine on Cruises Around the World

Sarah Martin asked: Cruises around the world will give explorers the opportunity to experience some of most delicious cuisine imagined. If you have the palate it could be the experience of a lifetime. * Argentinean Beef * Brazilian Empanada * Scottish Haggis * Greek Frappe * Swedish Köttbullar Argentina Beef Numerous cruises around the world […]