Love to Cruise? Live Onboard!

Genna Roberts asked: Are just two weeks a year enough to satisfy your needs to get away and see the world? Or do you feel a holiday could never be long enough? Each year, mid way through my annual two week cruise I get that ‘sinking feeling’, I know its fast approaching the end of […]

which is better: disney world or cruise?

fallinℒove ♥ asked: My family adults one 13 year old wants to disney which hotel theres like million. For disney which hotel theres like million. My family adults one 12 year old and one 12 year old and one 12 year old and for disney world know right and location thank youuuuu also for disney […]

Disney World or Disney Cruise?

Lauren658 asked: I am looking to do a family vacation this year. I can’t decide between a Disney Cruise or Disney World Land Vacation. My baby will be 11 months in december when we are looking to go. I have been on 12 cruises in my life but never with a baby :0) . What […]

Disney World, Cruise To Mexico, Or Hawaii?

stuartc93 asked: Me and my parents want to go somewhere for spring break this year(09) But we dont know where to go. We either want Disney World in Florida for 7 days. Take a 7 day carnival cruise to mexico. Or go to hawaii for 7 days. Were willing to spend about 2500 on whatever… […]

Have you been on a world cruise?

Time T asked: i really want to go on a world cruise, it’s like my dream. I’m only 15 but i’ve decided that is my goal and i’m going to start saving right now. They’re really expensive since they’re between 95 to 120 days longs. Has anyone been on one? How’d you like it, was […]