What Is Green Cruising?

For many decades, ships have been dumping waste at sea and contributing to the pollution of the world’s oceans. Now, thanks to an increase in environmental awareness with both consumers and corporations, cruise liners are making some significant efforts to reduce their waste and energy usage. In the last 10 years alone, cruise ships have managed to reduce their waste and garbage disposal by almost 50 percent. These efforts have led to some cruise liners being known as “green cruising” ships. Here are some examples of what actions the cruise ships are taking in terms of “green” initiatives:

Tips On The Planning Of A Luxury Yacht Charter

The most enchanting experience of a vacation can be one that involves hiring a private yacht charter and sailing in the high seas to exotic islands. Many of the people cannot afford such a vacation due to its high cost. However, the increasing popularity for the same is bound to make it affordable to many […]