Luxurious River Cruises – An Alternative To Tradition

When most people think of a luxury cruise, they visualize a hugh ship out on the ocean, sailing from one exotic tropical port to another. There is an alternative type of cruising, though, that provides quite a different cruise experience while still pampering passengers with luxury and exceptional service. It is called river cruising and […]

Which cruise ship is the best cruise ship to choose if you are 25years old, 1st time cruiser, want to party?

Dark Angel asked: My fiance and I are suppose to be planning a cruise; but want to choose the best cruise-ship IF that is such a thing. I’m 25years old; but mature and he’s 31years of age. We both want to enjoy ourselves and are able to party together. The two of us are very […]

What is the best cruise line for a first time cruiser?

dee a asked: Thinking about going on a cruise in April. I’ve never been on one before and will probably go on a short one to somewhere close for my first time like the Bahamas. Any suggestions? Thanks.

The Disney Cruise Vacation : the Inside Information on All the Fun

Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a seasoned cruise vacation veteran, the Disney cruise is one vacation experience like no other. The Disney cruise line provides an amazing time for kids, but the adults will have just as much fun. While the kids are off enjoying all the Disney cruise ship has to offer, […]