Italy Cruise Guide

Jonathan Medcalfe asked: History, wine, serene beauty, dramatic people and stunning views an Italy cruise has it all! You can visit the main sites of Italy on a European cruise or a Mediterranean cruise, but to really experience Italy – to really taste it – you need to immerse yourself in everything that Italy has […]

On a cruise are shore excursions cheaper if you wait to book them until right beforehand?

lodweed asked: I’ve booked a cruise for my girlfriend and I to go on for our honeymoon. I already had to dig pretty deep to afford it because I’m a student. I’m interested in the shore excursions but I want to get the best price I can. I’ve heard that if you wait until the […]

Cruise Vacation is a ‘sampler’ of Several Exotic Locations

To cruise or not to cruise – that’s a question many of our middle-age friends are asking. Most people think cruises are either a bunch of young people intent on 24/7 parties, or senior citizens enjoying their Golden years. The truth is that most cruises fall somewhere in between, although there are cruise lines and […]

Unforgettable Luxury Yacht Birthday Party Experience

People often are looking for something new and unique to do for their birthday celebration or special event. When it comes to a yacht birthday party, the is no other party that compares. A birthday cruise is one of the most unique and greatest ways to celebrate your special day with family and friends. La […]