Sailing: the Thrill That not Everyone is Entitled to

From time immemorial people like adventures and like to explore. People were attracted towards the sea. They understood the use of navigation and utilized it for the development of civilization. Sailing played a key role in the development of the world. Nowadays sailing is considered as a recreational activity which is dedicated for all who […]

Finding the Right Cruise Line

If you are looking for cruise line that sails around the world, you have a number of options to choose from. Most of them have the best comfort and highest standards among lines. You’ll see that some of the companies are known only in the specific places that they visit the most, whereas others are […]

What are the best cruise excursions on RC Majesty of the Seas 3-night Bahamas cruise?

First Time Cruise asked: I am going on the Royal Caribbean 3-night Bahamas cruise, which sails to Cococay and Nassau. I am traveling with my mom, and this is our first cruise. What are the best cruise excursions in Cococay and Nassau? I am having a difficult time deciding. Thank you!

Home Sweet Home on the World Cruise Ship

Picture this: You’re at home relaxed and comfortable. Your family is in the next room having fun watching some videos. You stand up with your coffee in your right hand and you slide that door open for some air. The ocean greets you and you can’t wait to get to this great, untapped resort at […]

Sailboats And Sailing

Sailboats are among the oldest and most common boats used throughout history. A Sailboat is a boat of any size which is partially or completely propelled by sails. Sails gather their thrust depending on the velocity and direction of winds. Egyptians were the first to design proper sailboats in around 4000 BC. The advance in […]