3rd Whitbread Yacht Race – 1981

To Sail the Arizona Sea

Once during a weekend getaway as a child, I took notice of the changing flora around me. While heading to the Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tucson, I paid special attention to all of the differences between the saguaro studded desert floor of the “Valley of the Sun” where I am from, (a.k.a. Phoenix and […]

The Islands You Can Visit in the Caribbean Whilst on a Yacht Charter

You’re one of those who are looking forward to a grand vacation, perhaps during the summer, and so you opted to rent a Caribbean boat charter. It can be a luxury yacht charter, sailboat charter, or a Caribbean catamaran charter-it doesn’t really matter. What matters to you is that you can visit as many islands […]

Sail the Panama Canal and Marvel at This Great Human Achievement

This incredible piece of human engineering, dreamt up by the ambitious King Charles V of Spain, took around 75,000 workers over 10 long years to complete and throughout the construction was beleaguered by a range of problems, from financial bankruptcy, very poor project management and serious outbreaks of malaria that killed many of the workers. […]

Sailing Through New Zealand’s Fjord Land

Milford Sound is a fjord located in the south western corner of New Zealand’s South Island. The area has been voted as the most popular travel destination and celebrated author Rudyard Kipling once said that it is the eighth natural wonder of the world. The area was left untouched by European explorers as they did […]