Adventure Sailing Vacation

The loves of vacation makes people trespass the whole world just for that thrill of it. Vacation enables people to de-stress after a whole year of work and adventure vacation is the rage nowadays. The exoticism of the location fascinates the adventure spirit of many and there is no need to convince them to drop […]

Sailing Safety

Sailing, like most activities, does have some possible dangers. Knowledge, preparation and care, can help prevent most serious problems. Consider the following ideas when preparing for your sailing adventure. Evaluate Skill Levels Consider the experience level of those participating, age, strength and understanding of first aid. Going out on the community lake verses taking on […]

Experience A Crystal Cruise Adventure

Before setting sail on a cruise line, check out several different companies to find the one that best suits your travel desires. Want a short cruise or a world cruise? Crystal Cruise lines have something for every taste. Whether you want to sail to New England or to the Orient, Crystal Cruise lines have an […]