Sailing, Swimming and Snorkeling on a Budget

Some of the most popular Caribbean vacation activities are sailing, swimming, and snorkeling. The clear blue waters of the Caribbean are beautiful, and you can see some pretty amazing things under the waves. However, you may end up seeing a pretty amazing bill for your fun, which can quickly put a damper on your budget […]

Setting Sail In A Sailboat

When you set sail in a sailboat, make sure you have prepared yourself and the boat properly. If you are racing a small sailboat, you need to make sure you know where the course is, and that the rig is as good as you can get it. If you are cruising in a bigger sailboat, […]

Video review of Arcona 460 Yachting Monthly Boat Test

Buying a Used Yacht

If you have ever dreamed of buying a yacht but are reluctant to pay the new price, consider purchasing a used yacht instead. You can enjoy cruising the shores of tropical islands, feeling totally free as you relax in solitude under the starry sky, and witnessing the most dramatic sunsets on planet Earth. In addition, […]

Maltese Falcon sails under San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge