How do you work on a cruise ship kitchen?

ChrisTheWizard asked: I would like to get into the culinary field, and I think it would be really great to work on a cruise ship. Any feed back from people who work on cruise ships, culinary related or not, Id appreciate your thoughts. I would like to give this a shot after I graduate high […]

Can you send emails, call people or txt on cruise ships when your nowhere near a port?

nat.long_16 asked: I want to work on a cruise ship, but i want to keep in contact with my mates and family. Or would i somehow have to resort to snail mail lol?

What precautions are cruise lines taking to protect people against pirates?

rachel_ann_82 asked: I know it’s a silly question, but my boyfriend and I are considering taking a cruise this summer, but with pirate attacks on the rise recently, we’re a tad iffy about it. What are cruise lines doing to keep people safe? Yes, I know most attacks are near Somalia, but it still is […]

Looking at the Many Different Sailing Yachts That you Can Buy

Sailing yachts come in many different forms and types. You will find that there are different brands of sailing yachts which you can think about buying. These vessels can be used to travel on the surface of land and water in just about any type of weather. Depending on the type of terrain and sailing […]

How easy is it to bring alcohol onto a cruise ship?

Tom asked: Now I know that it says on many of the cruise lines’ websites that they will give it back to you on the last day of the cruise if you are 21. However, I have heard from a few people now that it isn’t that difficult to bring alcohol on board if you […]