How can i convince my parents to go on a cruise vacation?

Kelly B asked: I want to go on a cruise very badly. I have looked and i pciked a date, cruise, and everything, but i don’t know how to convince all of us to go. Do you know of any good ways to try to convince them to go? Thanks a bunch.

Disney World, Cruise To Mexico, Or Hawaii?

stuartc93 asked: Me and my parents want to go somewhere for spring break this year(09) But we dont know where to go. We either want Disney World in Florida for 7 days. Take a 7 day carnival cruise to mexico. Or go to hawaii for 7 days. Were willing to spend about 2500 on whatever… […]

What is the best cruise for both parents and teens?

Alli asked: My mom wants to go on a cruise this summer and she wants me to look for cruises that i i would want to go on or would be interested in. I am 14 and my mom is 50. Which cruise has the best teen clubs or whatever and will be fun for […]

World cruise?

ba$$hunter asked: I want to send my parents on a world cruise. has anyone ever gone on one recently? which company did you use?How did you like it? How much did it cost? Give me as many details as possible.