Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises have a fleet of over seventeen ships, fourteen of which are impressive cruises liners which have interior designs which emulate first class hotels, cruising passengers around the world in luxury and style. Princess Cruises also have four smaller cruise ships which evoke the style and atmosphere of the bygone age of luxurious cruising. […]

How much are you suppose to tip on a Disney Cruise?

lakecity21 asked: I am hoping to go on a Disney Cruise next year. I have been figuring how much it will cost. I called Disney Cruise line and asked how much they recommend to tip everyone per day. Since I am considering a 7 night cruise they recommend $76.25 per person per night. For two […]

Treat yourself With One of the Tropical Cruises Available

Ling Tong asked: When you decide you want to enjoy your vacation by taking a cruise to the tropics, the possibilities are almost endless. Choose one of the tropical cruises to Hawaii and enjoy cruising around the islands. These cruises are available in durations on 7 nights or 15 nights depending on the cruise line […]