What are the entry requirements for cruise ship travelers who are non-US citizens?

Ram asked: I am an Indian citizen living in the US on a work visa. I am planning to take a cruise vacation that goes to Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Bahamas. Would I need to obtain a visa for any of these countries? I do have a valid visa to re-enter the US.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Yacht stuck on Reef

What happens if you book a cruise and purposely don’t get back on at stop?

roger r asked: For instants, you can do a last minute cruise to the Mexican Riveriera from LA or SD and stopping in Cabo, Maz or PV. If you get the last minute price, it is cheaper than flying in Mexico. I’m planning on spending a few months in Maz this winter.

Suggestions For Planning The Best Spring Break Beach Vacation

Spring break is when everyone wants to have fun and let lose. This does not necessarily mean you should go crazy and start flashing cameras. You can have fun on your spring break beach trip without getting wasted and having a hard time remembering how you got to bed. You have to first consider the cost when planning your spring break beach trip.