A Simple Guide To Mediterranean Cruise

No single destination vacation can come close to the experience of a Mediterranean cruise. The unique experience of each cruise ensures that no two cruises will ever be the same. People who decide to take a Mediterranean Cruise are left with many memories that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

What should I pack for my cruise and how much should I bring?

polish_princess_26 asked: I going on a Mediterranean cruise in the end of October and the beginning of November. It’s two weeks plus I will be going over to Spain(where we are leaving from) several days in advance to do some sight-seeing and get adjusted to the time difference. I’ve never been and would like some […]

How far in advance should I book a cruise and buy plane tickets?

broovy asked: My wife and I are planning on going on a Mediterranean cruise in October and I was wondering how far in advance I should book the cruise and buy plane tickets (Chicago to Venice).

How do I book a cruise for the cheapest rate?

Lady Tam asked: I’m interested in booking a 12 night Mediterranean cruise for next May for my honeymoon. What is the cheapest way to book this cruise? Also, can I trust discount online travel agents?

Mediterranean Cruises Are More Affordable Than Ever

Looking for a little something different this year to do with the family? Have you always wondered about taking a cruise but didn’t think you could afford it? Afraid you won’t enjoy cruise life because you don’t know what to expect? You and your family can be on a Mediterranean cruise before you know it, for less money than it would cost to go anywhere else.