What happens if you book a cruise and purposely don’t get back on at stop?

roger r asked: For instants, you can do a last minute cruise to the Mexican Riveriera from LA or SD and stopping in Cabo, Maz or PV. If you get the last minute price, it is cheaper than flying in Mexico. I’m planning on spending a few months in Maz this winter.

What was the best last minute cruise deals that u got during hurricane season?

secondfloorloft asked: I wanna cruise to the Caribbean at the beginning of Nov 08′ and I’m wondering what prices you booked at. Please include 1. Trip (where and how many days) 2. Cruise line 3. Price and if you remember how much did you save? Who did you book with?

Last Minute Cruise Booking – 5 Great Cruise Deals!

Many people are of the habit of making sudden decision. In spite of not being planned properly as it should have been, it still has got its own merits which is beneficial to many people. The ability to stop what worries them and escape from the additional expenses and other troubles last minute cruises will […]

Sail The Ocean On A Boat

You will find that all you may need is a break from the world at times. By going away on a cruise you will be able to spend a lot of time finding yourself and letting go of all your stress and worries. When you come home, you problems may be waiting for you, but […]