Enjoy the Enchantment & History of Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is primarily dependent on the water that intertwines throughout the town for transportation

The Most Exciting European Adventure Tours

Adventure tours offer a level of excitement and exploration quite different from an ordinary vacation. This type of vacation typically involves a well planned out tour of not just one city or vacation destination, but several. Also, an adventure tour highlights cultural and historical sites and can involve at least some level of physical exertion; […]

Discovering Venice, Italy!

Sarah Martin asked: Transportation around Venice is simple due to the countless types of water transportation available. Depending on a traveler’s budget, they can select a more upscale ride on a gondola or private taxi, or save money and take advantage of the “vaporetti” (public water buses). Many tourists in Venice prefer the vaporetti due […]

Yacht Charter in the Central Cyclades

The areas prevailing wind during the summer months is the infamous Meltemi blowing from the N-NW. It is first felt in June and becomes stronger through July, August and September when it can reach force 8. It dies down in October. In the spring and autumn gales are common from the N and the SE. […]

Setting Sail In St. Thomas

For several years, one of the most popular activities for visitors to St. Thomas hasn’t taken place on the island. Instead, tourists cruise the crystal-clear waters surrounding this unique island, soaking up the sun and finding adventure in the water. With numerous charters and rental organizations catering to the tourists of the island – each […]