What is the best cruise line for a first time cruiser?

dee a asked: Thinking about going on a cruise in April. I’ve never been on one before and will probably go on a short one to somewhere close for my first time like the Bahamas. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What are the positives and negatives of going on a cruise in the Caribbean, and what cruise line is good?

sweet hart asked: Next spring time I am planning to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. What is there to do? I am wondering if it may be boring or I wont like it. From someone who has been on a cruise or heard about them, how was it like and what is a […]

How can you get your email on a cruise without having to pay those ridiculous charges the ship sets?

Shanna K asked: My dad is going on a cruise and he is a lawyer, he gets about 200 if not more emails a day and he has to work and check his email while on vaca. The cruise ship charges about 4 dollars for every email that come in or goes out, how can […]

How can you arrange to bring a visitor aboard a cruise ship?

optionsottawa asked: We are going on a cruise in December with Celebrity. On one of the islands we are stopping at I have a long-time friend who is doing volunteer work. I would like to bring her on board the ship to treat her to a nice drink or coffee. Does anyone have any advice […]

What is the best cruise line for a sweet 16?

Sports fanatic (: asked: Im turning 16 next year and im planning on going on a cruise, but i was wondering which cruise is best for teens (such as the carnival, royal caribbean etc). And also what events they have. Thanks[: And we’re planning to go to the caribbeans