Cruises And A Few Important Factors To Consider Before You Book One

Tourists really like to go on cruises. This form of vacationing is becoming more popular. If you go on a cruise, you get to have fun on the boat as well as ashore when the boat comes into port.

What cruise line would an 11 year old have the most fun on?

Coolest Ghoul asked: I’m thinking of taking my son on a Caribbean cruise this spring. I’ve been on Carnival before, and it was pretty family friendly. Would that be the best one?

What cruise lines/ ships are best for the 21 and up crowd?

Matt asked: I am looking to take a cruise this summer but I don’t want to be on a lame ship. I have been on a cruise when is was 13 and had fun on that ship. Now that I am older I want to go on another cruise but I do not want to […]

What is the best cruise line at a decent price?

SmittenKitten asked: I’m looking to take a cruise for 3 people that isn’t too expensive but I’m afraid that if I choose a cheap cruise line I won’t get a quality cruise. About 3 years ago I went on a Holland America cruise and absolutely LOVED it but it’s a little out of my price […]

The Great Toronto Area Offers Amazing Variety To The Visitor

Ontario is well known for several things; Niagara Falls, natural beauty and the city of Toronto. The Great Toronto area is a mixture of urban centers and unspoiled natural beauty so the opportunities for different experiences and activities are incredible. In just a short drive from the city you can be in the wilderness or enjoying the theme parks at Niagra. There are also small towns and cities with some unique charms.