The Bliss of Sailing

Sailing is great fun! Look at all the aerobics you get to do. Have you noticed the shape you get in from all the sailing? How about that tan! Power boaters are usually under canopies or pilothouses, drinking anything from beer to martinis … and that’s underway. Wait till they dock up. The drinking really […]

What drinks can you get without a drink card on the Carnival cruise lines?

John asked: I’m going on a cruise in August on Carnival Sensation and am considering whether or not to buy a drink card. What drinks are offered by the cruise without a drink card?

What is the best cruise line to take to Bermuda?

she_isnt. asked: My boyfriend and I are considering going to Bermuda in mid-July. Is that an okay time to go? Also, what cruise should we take- we are in our mid-twenties and would like a cruise with plenty of activities, but not that many kids. Are there any that have food and drinks included? Neither […]

How much are drinks on carnival cruise line?

Kim Hackett asked: My boyfriend and I are going on our first cruise in Oct. 09. We will be on the Carnival Imagination. We are curious about the average cost of drinks. We know that the tips are added.

What is generally included in a cruise price?

rermain2 asked: So I’m trying to book a cruise for December, which I know may be a little far ahead of time but so far I’m just checking to see what’s out there. So included in the cruise price is the room, accomodations, and meals, right? I know you have to pay for excursions and […]