Where should I take my cruise in the summer?

Love asked: My family and my boyfriends family’s going on a cruise this summer to celebrate my birthday. Where would the best place to go on the cruise? And would we make stops to different places? Oh and also what are on cruise ships?

How much clothe, money, and other things to bring on a cruise?

balletperson asked: I am going on a cruise and wondering what to pack. I am going to three different places in Mexico for 4 nights. I want to know how much clothe, money, other things that may be helpful or useful to bring on a cruise. (For example; number of t-shirts, towels, bathing suits, etc.) […]

Common Questions About Cruise Ship Vacations

Cruise ship vacations are one of the most exotic and exciting trips that can be made. One of the most exciting parts about a cruise is that passengers travel to several different places in one trip. The passengers get all of the excitement of taking the cruise, and they also get to go on shore […]

Looking For The Best Yacht Charter – Cannes Film Festival Offers Luxury Charters

For yacht charters, Cannes is the place to go when you want to experience the life of the rich and famous. Take in the famous Cannes Film Festival and cruise along the French Riviera. From the moment you step on the yacht, there will be a professional crew to serve you. Although the yacht charter […]