How is the southern carribean cruise with Carnival Cruise lines?

Smiley asked: I am looking for people who have been on this cruise. What did you like and dislike about it? We are going on the Carnival Destiny on friday for a 7 day cruise. Do you have any advice?

How easy is it to bring alcohol onto a cruise ship?

Tom asked: Now I know that it says on many of the cruise lines’ websites that they will give it back to you on the last day of the cruise if you are 21. However, I have heard from a few people now that it isn’t that difficult to bring alcohol on board if you […]

what is the best cruise to the baltic capitals?

DrSOS asked: My husband and I would like to take a cruise to see the Baltic Capitals. We would like at least a 14-18 day cruise. Any suggestions? We would prefer a good quality ship.

What to bring on a 6 day cruise and 4 days in florida?

Emily S asked: I’m going on a cruise on saturday and i leave tonight to go to florida. I still don’t know what to pack and I’m leaving in 3 hours. I’m 14 and i want to go into the teen club thing but is it scary to go in by myself? Also is anybody […]

How does tipping work on a cruise?

Teddy’s Mom asked: A friend is taking me for an Alaska cruise. I have never been on one. I have heard that the tips are given on the last day, but how do you know how much. I’m on disability and she is paying my way. I would at least like to pay my tips. […]