Jungle Cruise – Adventureland – Disneyland

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Is there a cruise company that does the whole world?

Krisis asked: Not sure if there is, and dreaming of how good it would be… Is there a company that does large areas of the world, making its way around the continents etc?

What is THE longest cruise out there?

FrozenSilver asked: I have heard of a 36 day cruise, but I am not exactly sure that is true. I have been trying (just for fun) to see how long the longest cruise in the world is. Whoever finds the longest gets best answer. Please leave a link so I know you aren’t pulling my […]

Disney World or Disney Cruise?

Lauren658 asked: I am looking to do a family vacation this year. I can’t decide between a Disney Cruise or Disney World Land Vacation. My baby will be 11 months in december when we are looking to go. I have been on 12 cruises in my life but never with a baby :0) . What […]

What Is The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World At The Moment?

Josh C asked: