Cruise Vacations – Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard many cruise vacations questions in my life. However, I always hear recurring questions and thought I’d post an article to answer these common questions. Most beginners do not have any idea about where to start with cruises and should start with a cruise vacation guide book or search the web for additional information.

When You Consider Planning For Your Cruise Vacation Make Sure You Consider These Three Things

When you consider planning for your cruise vacation you most likely visualize toting some binoculars and a hat. But there are some significant items you can take care of in advance of your cruise fiesta that can really improve your trip. Immediately confirm you have a up to date passport. Next pre-reserve your port day […]

How does a cruise vacation work?

d y asked: Me and my girlfriend want to go on a cruise vacation. On cruise webpages I see the price. Is it for 1 person? What happens If I get a suite or a double bed? Do I just have to purchase 1 cruise ticket? How would this work?

Cruise Recommendations

Sarah Martin asked: Preparing to embark on a cruise vacation is an exciting time, particularly for first time cruisers. With so many details coming together however, it can also be overwhelming. There are definitely a few key elements to keep in mind when planning the cruise. Once these elements have been addressed, it’s time to […]

Plan Your Next Cruise Ship Vacation For Married Couples

When you think about preparing for your cruise vacation you probably picture packing a swimsuit and sandals. However there are a few things that are often overlooked that can make a huge difference. f your trip takes you outside the country ensure your passport is valid. As soon as you receive your cruise documents make your reservations for on-board amenities and shore excursions. Assess your available credit and make sure you have plenty of cash. These small steps can greatly enhance your cruise vacation enjoyment.