Cruise Ships Boost 2008 Malta Holiday Ambitions

Roger Munns asked: Welcome figures have come from Malta’s cruise industry, with a record year of cruise ship passenger arrivals in 2007. What makes the figures particularly impressive for the holiday island is that this year’s record comes after a record year in 2006, while the number of tourists arriving by air had started from […]

How can I find if there are cruise ship vacancies the day of sailing?

elcheapofl asked: I live in south florida, the largest cruise port in the U.S. I’m sure there are a few cabins vacant the day of sailing which the cruise lines would like to fill. I’m willing to pack and sail for a deep discount. How do I obtain this info?

What is protocol if a Cruise Ship begins to sink?

Kristine asked: We are planning a cruise this spring and I’m a bit terrified! What are the safety protocols if the ship is in distress (aside from the life boats), is there anything stating other vessels or cruise ships or Navy orNational Guard life flight, etc are around or anything?

Last Minute Cruise Booking – 5 Great Cruise Deals!

Many people are of the habit of making sudden decision. In spite of not being planned properly as it should have been, it still has got its own merits which is beneficial to many people. The ability to stop what worries them and escape from the additional expenses and other troubles last minute cruises will […]

What would happen to a cruise ship if there was ever a major earthquake underwater?

Anthony asked: Lets say there is an earthquake in a specific place under the ocean, and a cruise ship is passing by at that exact moment. What would happen?