Carnival Cruise – The Essence Of Tranquility & The Sense Of Ease

Are you tired of working eight hours a day, seven days a week? Are you getting bored of your everyday routine and want something new to satisfy your craving for adventure? Then perhaps, all you need is a three-day or even a week worth of vacation in a Carnival Cruise. This trip is an ideal […]

What is the maximum time that cruise ships usually stop over?

White Swan asked: Is it normal for a cruise ship to stop over for 3 days (let’s say in a 14 day cruise)? And while at this, how many stopovers would it be normal for a cruise of this ammount of time to take?

How long does cruise ship dembarkation take?

Stacey asked: We will be taking a cruise this summer. It arrives in port at the end of cruise at 6 AM according to the itinerary. Our flight out that same day is scheduled for 10:30AM – and a 20 minutes taxi ride from cruise terminal to airport. Do we have enough time? How long […]

What is the best cruise ship/ cruise line for a single 20 year old female?

diamondzrlove990 asked: Def a cruise to the bahamas. I mean i wanna be able to drink. Itd be nice if i could drink on the ship as well but if not then thats understandable.

How do you work on a cruise ship kitchen?

ChrisTheWizard asked: I would like to get into the culinary field, and I think it would be really great to work on a cruise ship. Any feed back from people who work on cruise ships, culinary related or not, Id appreciate your thoughts. I would like to give this a shot after I graduate high […]