What is the best cruise line to go on if you are going to the Mexico Riviera?

dalcia105122000 asked: I and my family are planning on taking a cruise in August to Mexico. We are all adults. I heard Princess cruises were good but they seem alll booked during the summer already. Thank you for your answers in advance!

How was your cruise experience in Mexico?

JuleMaus asked: Soo, my bff and I want to go on a cruise next winter – probably in January. We’re thinking about Mexico – the pacific side. There seem to be pretty good deals out there if we book soon! We’re both 21, and are looking for a cruise that is not dominated by younger […]

How much spending cash do I need for a 4 day carnival cruise to mexico?

Chris B asked: Me and my girlfriend are planning our cruise to mexico , the cruise is already payed for but we dont know how much to bring for spending cash. I know the food is already payed for but we are gonna be drinking. Thanks!!

What is the best cruise line for two young adults (23 years old)?

bhhippie asked: I am planning on taking a Caribbean cruise with my boyfriend sometime next year. Which cruise line is the most youth-friendly? We are both in our early 20’s, and don’t want to be stuck on a boat with a bunch of kids and families or older people. Also, which cruise route do you […]

Disney World, Cruise To Mexico, Or Hawaii?

stuartc93 asked: Me and my parents want to go somewhere for spring break this year(09) But we dont know where to go. We either want Disney World in Florida for 7 days. Take a 7 day carnival cruise to mexico. Or go to hawaii for 7 days. Were willing to spend about 2500 on whatever… […]