Last Minute Cruise Booking – 5 Great Cruise Deals!

Many people are of the habit of making sudden decision. In spite of not being planned properly as it should have been, it still has got its own merits which is beneficial to many people. The ability to stop what worries them and escape from the additional expenses and other troubles last minute cruises will […]

Alaskan Cruise Insider Tips: Which Cruise Should You Take?

There are literally dozens of different Alaskan cruise itineraries. So with so many different options to choose from, how do you know which one to choose? Most Alaska cruise itineraries fit into one of four main categories: round trip out of Seattle, round trip out of Vancouver, one-way northbound between Vancouver and Whittier/Seward, and one-way […]

Finding The Best Discount Cruise Vacation Package

Lars Rohde asked: Even people who have never set foot aboard a cruise ship dream of being able to sail away for at least a few days on a relaxing cruise vacation. And, it’s probably safe to say that most of these same people also dream about finding an amazing deal on cruise vacation packages […]

Cheap Cruise. The Absolute Best Kind of Cruising Experience

Do you want to take a cruise… a really cheap cruise? Are you looking for the best cruise deal? Do you want to get great discounts? Here are a few ways you can go on a cheap cruise: 1. One way is if you check out sites like Travelocity and Hotwire to see what kind […]

What cruise lines/ ships are best for the 21 and up crowd?

Matt asked: I am looking to take a cruise this summer but I don’t want to be on a lame ship. I have been on a cruise when is was 13 and had fun on that ship. Now that I am older I want to go on another cruise but I do not want to […]