What is a good cruise line to for two teenagers?

little miss sunshine asked: My family wants to go on a cruise. My mom and dad and me(13) and my cousin(15). We want something that has many activites for us. I went on a Royal Carribbean cruise last year and it was fun and had alot of stuff for teenagers, but will we get split […]

Can you give me tips on a good Alaskan cruise?

danaluana asked: I want to take my 87 year old mother on an Alaskan cruise around June or July of 2007. She has voiced a desire to see Alaska. Can you tell me the best, yet economical, cruise line and the best time to book, early or last minute. I’ve never been on a cruise […]

What is the best cruise ship/ cruise line for a single 20 year old female?

diamondzrlove990 asked: Def a cruise to the bahamas. I mean i wanna be able to drink. Itd be nice if i could drink on the ship as well but if not then thats understandable.

What is the best cruise line that leaves from Seattle and tours Alaska?

Sweet P asked: I am looking for a cruise to take my son and daughter on, ages 14 and 17. They want to sea Alaska, and I would like to leave from Seattle, because it is in the US. I am wondering what the best cruise line is, that has fun activities such as Kayaking. […]

What is the best cruise line if your loved one is in a wheelchair?

abear_hugs asked: Our family is hoping to take a cruise in the near future and were wondering what cruise line is the best when it comes to someone being in a wheelchair.