The Bliss of Sailing

Sailing is great fun! Look at all the aerobics you get to do. Have you noticed the shape you get in from all the sailing? How about that tan! Power boaters are usually under canopies or pilothouses, drinking anything from beer to martinis … and that’s underway. Wait till they dock up. The drinking really […]

A Career In Yachting?

A career in Yachting. Want to work on a yacht- where to start? Training providers normally start with the basic safety training week – STCW95. A one week intensive course covers the 4 basic modules of safety on board a yacht. Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and social responsibilities, and Basic Firefighting […]

What are the expenses a crew member for a cruise ship would have?

giantandre asked: I’m wondering what extra expenses cruise crew members would have. Of course room and board are paid for, but are there other things to spend money on on the boat? What would monthly expenses run on the cruise ship? For example, how much would a beer be in the crew bar?

Searching for a Yacht Job

There are many companies that are specialized in helping people find a job in the yacht crew; the luxury yachts always need the professional staff in order to be maintained in the proper conditions. Actually, the jobs that are related to the boat crew are a great alternative when compared to the ordinary and stressful […]