How much would a cruise cost from anywhere in Florida to the carribean stopping in Puerto Rico?

Sta asked: Friends and i planning a cruise to Puerto rico for graduation in 2011 and i just wanted some estimated prices.

Holiday Of A Lifetime In Barbados

The time of the year is approaching when a vacation to the perfect Caribbean location sounds like a great idea. There are many different locations in the Caribbean region to explore and this can make choosing a destination a little difficult. However, if you are truly looking for the perfect place to visit you may wish to consider a Barbados Holiday.

Are there any cruise lines that dont have a minimum age limit?

jmoranmail asked: I want to go on a cruise with some of my friends, but all of the ones I have found say someone in your party has to be over 21. I want to go to the Carribean, but I am flexible. I would prefer to get a good price, but at this point […]

Best Cruise Lines For a Grand Getaway!

The smell of the ocean, beautiful scenery, fabulous places to go to and people to meet! What is the best way to do all of these? Go join an exciting yet relaxing cruise to the most beautiful places on earth! Nowadays, many people think that going on a cruise trip means spending half of their […]

Day 3 – Disney Cruise 2008