What is the best cruise line for a sweet 16?

Sports fanatic (: asked: Im turning 16 next year and im planning on going on a cruise, but i was wondering which cruise is best for teens (such as the carnival, royal caribbean etc). And also what events they have. Thanks[: And we’re planning to go to the caribbeans

What are the odds of motion sickness on a cruise ship?

user62771 asked: I’m getting ready to go on the Carnival Inspiration here soon for a 5 day cruise. First time to go on a cruise and I’m scared of getting sick! What are the odds and how can I take preventative measures to stay well. Any tips would help!

What is the best and most affordable cruise line?

asked: Me and my husband are looking to go on a cruise in Aug.2010 for the first time. We have been looking at different cruise lines and kinda feel overwhelmed. We are planning to go to Western Caribbean for 5-7 days. So far Carnival has decent deals be we are looking for suggestions on other […]

What is the best cruise at Christmas time?

Camille asked: We are hoping to go on a cruise this Christmas and was wondering the best cruise line to cruise on. We are leaning towards Carnival. We are a family of three with a 14 yr old daughter. Any other suggestions??? I mean the best cruise line to go on at Christmas time. What […]

What is a good five day cruise that isn’t too expensive?

. asked: I’m looking for good destinations on a cruise (and a good cruise line) for next June, about five days long, and not way too expensive. Any suggestions? Also I’d appreciate if peope didn’t suggest Key West or Cozumel, I’ve already done that cruise with Carnival. I would love to do a cruise in […]