How do I apply for a job bartending on a cruise ship?

DeathBat asked: I’ve seen those scam sites that ask you to pay for them to find you a job on a cruise ship. And I went on the Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruise, Carnival ect ect websites and couldn’t find anything but a “bar manager” job. Any suggestion on how I am to pursue the job […]

What is the best cruise for a family?

thamp asked: Looking for info on cruises for families by Carnival or Royal Caribbean leaving from FL area (excluding Miami). We have 2 boys, ages 8 and 11 and it will be the first cruise for us. It will probably by a 3-5 night cruise, but we are open to longer trips. Any suggestions would […]

How much is a good amount of money to use on a carnival cruise?

Ragin’ Asian asked: My wife and I are talking about taking a cruise from miami. We were going to arrive there the day before departure and leave a day after we get back. I figured out how much to spend before and after the cruise, but as far as on the cruise I am unsure. […]

What cruise line would an 11 year old have the most fun on?

Coolest Ghoul asked: I’m thinking of taking my son on a Caribbean cruise this spring. I’ve been on Carnival before, and it was pretty family friendly. Would that be the best one?

What is the best cruise line for a sweet 16?

Sports fanatic (: asked: Im turning 16 next year and im planning on going on a cruise, but i was wondering which cruise is best for teens (such as the carnival, royal caribbean etc). And also what events they have. Thanks[: And we’re planning to go to the caribbeans