How much will my cruise be and other cruising questions?

LK asked: 1.Are there any other fees besides the actual cruise rate,government taxes,government fees,and the airport transportation? 2.Oh and is $804 for a four night Caribbean cruise for two on a Carnival cruise a good deal? 3.Any good(active)excursions in Cozumel and Key West. 4.Also how will the food be for me,I don’t expect a very […]

Selecting the Best Cruise Line for First Timers

ROYAL CARIBBEAN LINE is a perfect choice for the average first-time cruiser because it attracts the middle-class passenger regarding their age,

Disney World, Cruise To Mexico, Or Hawaii?

stuartc93 asked: Me and my parents want to go somewhere for spring break this year(09) But we dont know where to go. We either want Disney World in Florida for 7 days. Take a 7 day carnival cruise to mexico. Or go to hawaii for 7 days. Were willing to spend about 2500 on whatever… […]

Where can I find detailed information on a cruise I am taking?

Manda Panda asked: I am taking a cruise the beginning of next month. I was wondering where I can find detailed information about the specific cruise (ie: meals, activities, etc) besides what is give on the website. It is a Carnival cruise and I have already looked up the set up of the ship on […]

How much is a good amount of money to use on a carnival cruise?

Ragin’ Asian asked: My wife and I are talking about taking a cruise from miami. We were going to arrive there the day before departure and leave a day after we get back. I figured out how much to spend before and after the cruise, but as far as on the cruise I am unsure. […]