Selecting the Best Cruise Line for First Timers

ROYAL CARIBBEAN LINE is a perfect choice for the average first-time cruiser because it attracts the middle-class passenger regarding their age,

What You Can Expect From Alaskan Cruises

MIKE SELVON asked: Thousands of miners left Seattle to pain for gold and fortune in Alaska during the 1890s. Today, more than 835,000 passengers are expected to pass through Seattle on their way to Alaska on Alaskan cruises. Most come for the quiet, untainted scenery or the rare wildlife sightings. Some visit to learn about […]

What drinks can you get without a drink card on the Carnival cruise lines?

John asked: I’m going on a cruise in August on Carnival Sensation and am considering whether or not to buy a drink card. What drinks are offered by the cruise without a drink card?

Best Rates With Carnival Cruise Deals

In today’s technology savvy marketplace many travellers are taking advantage of the great Carnival cruise deals that can be found online all year round. You may be surprised by the huge range of offers available to you through this source. All the information you need can be found online, along with some truly good value bargain prices. If you have kids, this is an especially good option for you. Elderly family members are also well suited to a cruise. The cruise lines cater for the comfort and enjoyment of all ages. This means a varied range of activities for everyone to enjoy, some of these are great for the whole group.

How is the southern carribean cruise with Carnival Cruise lines?

Smiley asked: I am looking for people who have been on this cruise. What did you like and dislike about it? We are going on the Carnival Destiny on friday for a 7 day cruise. Do you have any advice?