Sailing Through New Zealand’s Fjord Land

Milford Sound is a fjord located in the south western corner of New Zealand’s South Island. The area has been voted as the most popular travel destination and celebrated author Rudyard Kipling once said that it is the eighth natural wonder of the world. The area was left untouched by European explorers as they did […]

Coping with Seasickness on European River Cruises

The last thing that any traveler wants when vacationing on European river cruises is to develop a bout of seasickness. Unfortunately, when it comes to sicknesses that are common on cruises, this is the most experienced. Prior to planning to travel on one of the European river cruises that has your interest, it is important to consider if you are sensitive when it comes to various types of motion, or if you are the type of individual that suffers from complications associated with nausea. If you find that you are, it may be necessary to acquire a medical release prior to boarding the cruise ship.

Obtaining a Passport for Your European River Cruise

If you are bound for a European river cruise adventure, but a resident of the United States, it is a must to obtain a passport. While the normal identification card like your driver’s license often serves as an appropriate means of verifying identity in the United States, such ID and similar IDs are not acceptable when it comes to traveling abroad. It will take approximately one month to one and half months to acquire a passport in the U.S. When planning your river cruise in Europe, it is essential to provide yourself sufficient time between starting the passport application process to boarding the water vessel. Here, I will share the simple steps on obtaining your passport quickly and easily.

European River Cruise: Some Myths And Facts

If you are bound for a European river cruise and have shared this information with others such as family houeshold members, friends, neighbors, and even your officemates, it is most likely that you have been advised of some of the myths surrounding cruises. However, it is likely that these myths were relayed as “truths”. It has been estimated that approximately 13 million people travel on cruises yearly, but several other million individuals will not board a cruise because of some of the “things” that people tell them.

A Quick Look At The Popular European River Cruise Destinations

There are many popular European river cruise destinations. These cruises are quite different compared to cruises to other places in the world, like the Caribbean. Tropical based cruises focus on water activities, beaches, and nature. Although it is true that Europe has its own fair share of natural endownment, the European river cruise is about exploring the past, appreciating art in many forms like monuments, landscapes, and architecture, and a deep cultural experience. When choosing the European river cruise travel, it is important to know what is available.