Who Else Needs Low-cost Vietnam Tours

Vietnam Tours agencies are offered in big numbers and offer special tour packages for different needs. Their packages start from 4-5 day and they can increase for a month or more then that. Their Various packages are suitable for different tourists and involve accommodation, Tourists from one place to another by air, bus or car and they also set up tourist guides who show you real Vietnam.

Enjoy Your Holyhead Cruise Experience, Cruising UK Waters

Cruise lines which offer cruising vacations around the UK and Ireland are now including a Holyhead cruise as part of their packages. As a major British passenger ferry port on the west coast, Holyhead, Anglesey offers high standard facilities for large cruise liners who aim to provide their passengers with a rich and diverse itinerary.

Our days In Beijing

My last few days in Xinjiang passed pretty quickly. I visited a few temples around the city, ate at the nicer restaurants and generally lazed about until it was time to leave. The next day I got up early to catch the train to Beijing.

Mei Jia Wu Longjing Tea Culture Village

Not too many cities deserve such a name as paradise on earth, but Hang Zhou in China does. Too many cities now in China, desperate with economic development, are losing their souls, but Hang Zhou is not. Why so? Nature blessing and human efforts are the answers. One is tea culture, Mei Jia Wu Longjing Tea and its culture village.

Shopping Along Nanjing Road

After being used to the sweltering heat of Shanghai, we went for our walk around Shanghai. Nanjing Road East is a pedestrian street that is one of the busiest of its kind in the world – it has thousands of shops, millions of people, and a whole lot of street hawkers shouting “Hey mister, hey lady, wanna buy a watch?”. The road goes for a couple of kilometers and ends at the Bund, which is a large pedestrian walkway bordering the Huangpu River.