Antarctica Penguins

The swimming pool on our ship in rough Antarctic seas

Star Princess: A Day at Sea (February 19, 2009)

Zodiac raft cruise around Paradise Bay in the Antarctic

Why Should Tourists Heading To The White Continent Be Lessened?

Raging snow, ice, isolation, high winds and raging seas of Antarctica still lure in more and more travelers especially the hardy types which means that the White Continent will be able to welcome again around 11,200 people come tourists season, where all of them except for only about 130, will be venturing there riding a cruise liner. Even as the total is around 400 more than last year’s flow of tourists, specifically from mid November to February, it is 70 percent higher than 6,585 seasons before it. Some of the watchers of the white continent state that there could be thousand more annual Antarctic voyagers and this could be a concern for its environment.