Alaska Cruises: Your Ice Age Odyssey Begins

The ooohhs and ahhhs begin as your Alaska cruise ship glides effortlessly northward through the 1,000mile Inside Passage that parallels the coasts of British Columbia and the southern Alaskan panhandle. Alaska is located in the North West corner of the North American continent. Nearly one third lies within the Arctic Circle separated by Canada from […]

Looking for Discount Cruises?

Alien asked: people imagine of reduced cruises, cheap Alaskan cruises not often appears. They imagine the boats to be entirely reserved for months in advance. On the other hand, lots of cruise lines give deep reductions on their pleasure trips depending on the fame of the target and the occasion of the year of the […]

Alaska Family Cruise

Cruising with children in Alaska would be a great educational opportunity for them to learn about the amazing natural untouched landscapes and its wildlife, glaciers and marine life as well as learning about the weather and the possible effects of climate change

How does tipping work on a cruise?

Teddy’s Mom asked: A friend is taking me for an Alaska cruise. I have never been on one. I have heard that the tips are given on the last day, but how do you know how much. I’m on disability and she is paying my way. I would at least like to pay my tips. […]

Choose Alaska Yacht Charters: The Premier Charter Yacht For Cruises In Alaska

Alaska Yacht Charters is “quite simply the best crewed yacht charter in Alaska.” While viewing the wildlife of Alaska, seals, sea otters, sea lions, eagles, orcas, deer, brown and black bears and perhaps even wolves and mountain goats, you will not only eat salmon, halibut, crab and shrimp, but if you choose, you will catch them. With Alaska Yacht Charters is you will see whales and dolphins so close that you will reach out as if to touch them- all of this in luxury, comfort and safety.